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How to Use BabiesRUs.com Coupon Codes for a Better Cause

We love to support a good cause as you know. We were recently cycling for another one of out favourite causes which is supporting single mothers with babaies. These ladies can struggle to get all the monthly supplies they need to take care of a small child. This is where we knew we could help


We decided to use the assitance of Babies R Us Coupons from Givva. If you haven't heard of givingassitant.org yet it is an online company that helps people to donate a portion of their online shop to a good cause. So what we did was ask all members and family members to buy a set of nappies from babiesrus.com using the link above and one of the coupon codes on the site.

What happended was that not only did we we get a whole bunch of nappies to supply these mums, but we also had the percentage from Giving Assisstant also donated to a good cause like extendedfamily.org

This is such a great way to get even more out of a chairty drive to get funds and supplies for a good cause. Not only can you buy goods that are needed by the chairty to donate to them, but also have a third party donate actual cash to the same organization. This means your dollar is going way further than normal. This is how donating to a non-profit shoudl be. Help them get the things they actaully need to support the people they help plus helping them get cash to help run the day to day opoerations of the particular 501(c)(3)